You Need a Certified Roof Inspection When Buying a New Home – Part 1

Buyers face many dangers when purchasing a home, and there are many different aspects of the home that must be taken into consideration. It is important to get a full survey of the property to see if there are any potential problems before buying the house.

Inspection reveals improper fastening of roof shingles

Mortgage companies typically demand that some sort of inspection is done on the property in order to be sure you are paying a fair amount, which makes sense considering that this is probably the most important financial investment you will make in your lifetime. Your lender may require that the roof is surveyed as a part of this inspection because they know this is one potentially costly aspect of purchasing a house that is unfortunately often overlooked.

Make Sure Your Roof is Safe with a Certified Roof Inspection

It doesn’t matter if you are having your roof inspected to satisfy a mortgage lender or if you are doing a routine maintenance check; it’s always preferable to invest in a full, certified roof inspection. When you request a certified roof inspection, a recognized and reputable roofing contractor will come to your house, inspect the roof for any potential problems, and as long as all is well, they will complete the certified roof inspection by presenting you with a certificate. This certificate is typically valid for two years, and if anything goes wrong with your roof in that time the roofing company is obligated to fix it free of charge.

Benefits of a Certified Roof Inspection

Sometimes it is just reassuring to get a certified roof inspection; other times it is absolutely essential. In either case, it is a choice that will pay off in the end. By investing in a certified roof inspection, even when it turns out there are no problems with the home, you are essentially taking out a two-year insurance policy or warranty on your roof. It would otherwise be impossible to get a warranty on a roof that isn’t new.

If you want to ensure a long life for your roof, it is really necessary to have a certified roof inspection every two years. This will help you to prevent expensive damage by taking care of all the minor repairs as they come along. When you get a certified roof inspection, you can rest assured that your roof will be structurally sound for the next two years. As long as you have the valid certificate you will be able to have it fixed even when the most unexpected damages occur.

If you are buying a home and need to have a certified roof inspection, it is important to address any concerns you may have with a reliable Minnesota Roofing Contractor. Damage that goes unrepaired is a nightmare waiting to happen. The longer the damage persists, the more it will effect your home, potentially causing a larger repair costing you more money. A certified Minnesota roofing contractor will know exactly what to look for.