Roof Snow and Ice Removal for Commercial Buildings in Minneapolis MN

Removing Ice Dams In Minnesota

Ice Dams… What are they?  How can I prevent them?  How do I eliminate them?

Ice Damming Minnesota

Minnesota property owners have discovered ice dam damage on the interior of their homes as this water pools behind the ice dam on the edge of the roof and seeps into the ceiling or exterior walls. Sometimes you will even notice ice dripping from the soffits as a result of a significant ice dam. If you are a Minneapolis, St. Paul Minnesota property owner who has discovered an ice dam and is looking for the correct way to remove the ice dam and take preventative action you are in the right place.

Ice dams result from the escape of heat into the attic or roof space. The heat buildup melts the snow on your roof which then runs down to the cold edge of the roof and forms a mass of frozen water, a.k.a. an “ice dam”.

We remove these potentially damaging and costly ice dams using steam to melt and remove the ice. Steaming the ice dam is the only method to safely remove ice without damaging your roof, gutters, downspouts, or siding.

Protect your home or business from the hazards of ice dams and improper removal methods. If ice dams are threatening your property, do not wait to see if the problem goes away – by then it may be too late – and expensive!

How Are Ice Dams Harmful To Your Business?

Sometimes falling ice and snow presents a particular set of concerns for owners of commercial properties.  Specifically, the concern about being sued.

Ice frequently builds up on flat and low-pitch roofs, resulting in excessive weight loads and potential water damage. The simplest solution is roof ice removal with steam.

We have been called in to remove accumulations of ice where it might create a public liability, such as sidewalks and stairs. Again, steam do the trick.

Prevent Now, Save Later!!

The key to avoiding damage to your business or property from ice dams is early detection and prevention. Any icicles hanging  from your gutters or downspouts is a warning sign  of ice dam formation and should be dealt with  immediately.

Commercial Roof Snow and Ice Removal is a delicate job that must be done correctly to help prevent leaks from snow build-up and ice dams.

Our steam method is required to safely remove the ice dam and prevent any further leakage or damage.

Let us help you keep your business looking its very best!