EPDM Roofing Is An Economical Choice For Minnesota Building Owners and Property Managers

EPDM Is An Economical Choice For Flat Roof Applications

Since the early 1960s, the EPDM single-ply rubber roofing membrane has been an appealing choice in the commercial roofing industry. EPDM manufacturers have ensured the product’s success by continually investing in technological innovations to improve both overall performance and installation methods.

If you are a commercial business owner or property owner in Minnesota, and looking for various roofing options to make your roof reliable, sturdy and stable, there are many choices available. It is advisable to get the right type of product and a reputable Minnesota commercial roofing contractor to attend to your roofing needs.

For contractors, EPDM remains a user-friendly and safe roofing product. The installation of the roofing membrane is performed without any heat, dangerous fumes or heavy machinery. Aside from adhesive application equipment, no special equipment is required to lay down EPDM panels. No other roofing product offers the wide range of installation advantages for contractors.  Any time a roofing system can be installed without the use of potentially dangerous material, such as hot asphalt with liquid temperatures in the 500-degree F range, it translates into a significant safety advantage. EPDM roofing systems also feature low maintenance, easy repair options and low annualized costs.


Contractors’ Preference For EPDM

EPDM offers the ability to install a long-term roof system with relative ease and worker safety. “Since EPDM can be easily installed with large sheets, it reduces a tremendous amount of labor as compared to other roofing systems.

Because EPDM exhibits superior flexibility and high strength, the membrane can easily contour to unusual roof shapes. This durable membrane also features outstanding thermal expansion and elongation, and provides excellent resistance to tears and abrasion. The large sheets of EPDM allow for quick coverage of an open roof deck- an important feature when contractors are trying to meet construction schedules or working around inclement weather.

A growing number of contractors are specializing in EPDM installation, due to its low callbacks and insurance premiums. It’s such a clean, user-friendly and overall wonderful product. And since roofing contractors receive very few callbacks with EPDM-related projects, it clearly outperforms other roofing materials. And when EPDM makes us look good, our company looks good.

Manufacturers’ Commitment

In response to technological advancements, membrane research, and contractor requests for more ergonomic installation methods, EPDM accessory products continue to evolve in order to reduce a contractor’s fatigue and discomfort from repetitive motions and kneeling. The innovation of seam tapes in the 1980s to replace liquid adhesives has resulted in improved system reliability, and greater productivity for the contractor. Self-adhering components, with factory-applied adhesive tape, have provided another boost to roof system quality, especially in the more problematic areas such as flashing installations.

The 90 mil EPDM roof system is redefining the roofing industry and the expectations of architects, roofing contractors, and building owners. After providing outstanding performance for over 15 years, the 90 mil membrane is now available as part of a new 30 year system warranty. This highly puncture resistant and tough membrane offers the thickest layer of monolithic waterproof protection in the roofing industry. This is the longest performance guarantee in the roofing industry, and the guarantee can include warranty coverage for punctures, hail and wind speeds up to 100 mph. In geographical and climatically appropriate areas of the country, the application of a white acrylic coating on a fully-adhered EPDM roof system will provide the building owner with numerous additional benefits. In addition to receiving EPDM’s outstanding weathering characteristics, the application of an acrylic coating will also provide potential energy savings, reduce peak cooling demand on air conditioning equipment, decrease pollution and offer extended roof service life. In extreme southern climates, a white-coated EPDM roof offers reflectivity and maintains high solar reflectance values over time.

A New Era In Roofing

There is a growing trend among enlightened building owners to realize the benefit of procuring long-term performance from their roof systems. Many facility managers are being evaluated on how building systems perform. And because of the significant financial investment involved in roofing systems, the introduction of the 90 mil systems with 30-year warranties has been received with great enthusiasm. Not only is the life cycle cost lower, the disruption of building occupants is minimized.

Lost time due to roof leaks and reroofing construction can result in substantial overhead costs and lost revenues-a critical concern in any economic climate. Informed contractors sell quality and have the owner’s best interest at heart.

Providing roof systems that achieve long-term performance and provide long-term security for the building owner will continue to be both the roofing contractor’s and the building owner’s goal.

Looking For More Information About Flat Roofing?

Roofing or re-roofing your business or commercial property is a great investment. If you are planning to install a flat roof on your building, the best thing to do is consult a Minnesota commercial roofing company that has experience working with commercial roof systems. They will be able to help you decide if EPDM is the best roof system for your buildings needs.