A roof is one of the most important aspects of any structure. It provides the first line of defense against Minnesota’s harsh climate. Weather conditions can change quickly and cause damage to the roof on your home or business. United Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. has a team of Licensed Roofing Professionals that can provide all of your Roof Damage Repairs – Fast! Our highly trained roofing repair and replacement technicians are a courteous roofing team that prides themselves on Timely Services to avoid all possible additional damages.

Timely Professional Services

Spring and summer seasons in Minnesota are known for large storms that can produce High Winds, Heavy Rains, Lightning and Hail. Your roof takes the brunt of the damage when a storm strikes. Roofing material that is blown off or otherwise compromised cannot provide you with protection from the elements. It is very important to contact a Licensed Roofing Contractor that can provide Timely Services to Repair or Replace the damaged roof.

Roof Damage Repairs

When a storm hits there is no time to waste. It takes a trained eye to detect all Roof Damage following a weather event. An experienced roofing professional from United Roofing and Remodeling, Inc. can come to your home or commercial building to do a complete evaluation of all damages. Our Courteous Roofing Team will document any areas that require roof damage repairs and provide you with an estimate for our services.

Highly Experienced Roofing Crew

United Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. has a Highly Experienced Roofing Crew that can tackle any size job. We have been providing excellent services all across the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN areas for over 20 years. Our team of roof repair and roofing installation professionals can take care of any type of Residential Roof or Commercial Roof across the Twin Cities. We have experience in working with every type of roofing material and structural anomalies. Your new roof will look Aesthetically Beautiful and be Structurally Sound for many years.

Licensed Minnesota Roofing Professionals

Spring in Minnesota is upon us. This beautiful season can have very volatile weather that results in Roof Damage. When disaster strikes you must act quickly to prevent more damage to your home or commercial building. You can trust the Licensed Roofing Professionals at United Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. to respond with Timely Services to protect your structure from further damage. Our courteous team of roofing experts can efficiently take care of all Roof Damage Repairs and assist with insurance claims to ensure the best service for our clients.

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