Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal | Ice Dam Removal MN

Snow is piling up on buildings and homes across the state

Ice dams are as common to Minnesota winters as hockey and ice fishing but for Minnesota property owners this is shaping up as a really bad catastrophe year.

Winter this year in the Midwest has been brutal! It has taken a toll on many roofs with ice dams. Homeowners that have attempted to remove them by themselves know all too well that it is a precarious operation in many instances. Unless you can do it safely, don’t jeopardize your well-being by trying to remove it yourself; here, there’s no shame in leaving this dangerous work to a professional with the appropriate experience and equipment.

Let the trained roofing professionals safely eliminate snow and ice from your roof using proper techniques to help prevent leaks caused by snow build up and ice dams using special shovels for snow and steam to melt away ice to insure no damage is done to your roof.