Steam To Safely Remove Ice Dams On Your Building Minneapolis MN

Winters in Minnesota can be pretty brutal and present all sorts of challenges. Ice Dams (those ridges of ice that form at the edge of your roof) can cause serious damage to your building.

If your roof looks something like this you probably have ice damming issues

Factors such as ventilation, insulation, solar orientation, tree coverage, building or home architecture, snow cover and weather conditions all interact to determine ice dam activity on every building. Because no two buildings are the same, it is common to have neighboring homes on two ends of the ice dam spectrum; one may have major leaking, while the other is virtually unaffected.

The Answer Is Steam

We use steam to remove ice from roofs. Other methods carry the risk of damaging your home and property. We use the steam method to safely remove ice without damaging your roof or gutters.

Call us before the concern becomes a problem

Ice dams can cause serious damage to your building that is expensive to repair. Protect your roof and your building from the hazards of ice dams and improper removal methods. When ice dams are threatening your townhouse or business, call us United Roofing.

A roof leak can cause severe problems in any commercial building, which is why you need the most dependable commercial roofing contractor to the job. We have crews trained to solve your ice dam problems.

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