Roof Management | Roof Maintenance | Preventive Roof Maintenance For Flat Roof Systems

Your commercial property is your business. If your roof is not up to par, then your entire business could lose. A leak in a commercial property roof can stop work for days on end and thus can cost your hundreds, if not thousands in production costs.

Flat Roofing Problems

It’s always important for a business owner or property manager to be wary of potential roofing problems. When a flat roof is involved, there is a variety of different issues to deal with as opposed to peaked roofs. The biggest difference is that curling, cracking or other damage to tiles or shingles is the main problem for homeowners with sloped roofs. According to flat roofing experts, this is a list of some of the most common flat roofing problems:

  • Leaks. In one way, this is identical to pitched roofs. However, the ways the leaks occur are much different with flat roofs, according to roofing experts. Often, the culprit comes at the point that different types of flat roofs make contact with flashing. This is particularly true with built-up roofs. With some membrane roofing, the problem area can be with seams. Sometimes the leaks sit for a time, causing extended damage to the roof decking and perhaps inviting mold or fungus.
  • Ponding. Whether the roof is rolled, or a membrane or reflective coating, problems can occur when there isn’t sufficient slope in the so-called flat roof. In fact, flat roofs cannot be completely level or there would be no way to drain water off the roof. Roofing insulation can be used to correct a roof that is too flat by creating the slope necessary to drain water. A regular occurrence of standing or ponding water, complicated by the UV rays of the sun, will eventually created roofing problems in virtually any type of flat roof.
  • Punctures or tears. These usually occur after flat roofing has been installed and items like air-conditioning systems have been added to the roof. Or, the culprit could simply be a workman walking on the roof in a haphazard fashion.
  • More protective coating needed. This item could actually be placed under maintenance because most roof coatings or protective layers must be reapplied over time to remain effective. Neglecting this responsibility will eventually face some type of roof leak to repair.
  • Inadequate maintenance. Property managers and business owners should be familiar with the roof warranty and take care of all require maintenance. Whether it’s a twice yearly visual inspection, examination of all flashing to look for leaks for blisters, regular maintenance can catch roofing problems before they become more serious. In the case of roof warranties, some require specific action to be taken and recorded in order keep the warranty viable.

Establishing a Roof Maintenance Program

It is always important to get the opinion of the experts in the business, especially when it comes to something as critical as a commercial roofing system. The implementation of a program of routine roof inspections, maintenance and repairs can protect the owners roofing investment to achieve full, uninterrupted service and extend the roof’s useful service life.

A roof maintenance program will also help your organization in allocating the proper capital over an extended period of time, and budgets for repair/replacement will be readily available when needed.

Getting Professional Assistance With a Flat Roof

Is your commercial or industrial flat roof in need of maintenance, repair or replacement? Do have questions about your building’s condition? Consult a reputable Minneapolis Minnesota roofing contractor that has experience in commercial flat roof systems.