Townhouse Roof Problems Minneapolis Minnesota

Townhouse Roof Problems

Townhouse roof problems are very similar to single home roof problems until you throw the community factor into the equation. Some townhouse complexes are created in such a way that multiple dwellings are under one continuous roof. Many home owners associations are in charge of having roof maintenance performed on the entire complex, but complexes that leave the decision up to the individual homeowners are potentially setting themselves up for failure.

The photo here is an example of what can happen when individual homeowners are given to power to accept or decline regular roof maintenance. The homeowner on the right hand side has had a roof inspection every five years to help maintain their roof. The homeowner on the left hand side decided that roof maintenance wasn’t in their budget and has done nothing to maintain their portion of the roof.

Unfortunately for the homeowner on the right, it doesn’t matter how diligent they are about maintaining their portion of the roof, when one side is shot, the entire roof is shot. Partial roof replacement is not an option in this case because of the way this roof is constructed. Partial roof replacements may be done to one or multiple sides of a roof, but the roof on these types of townhouses is continuous across several homeowners’ homes. For example: John, Betty, and Mary may keep their portions of the roof maintained, but if Bill decides he isn’t going to maintain his portion of the roof everyone will be responsible for contributing to the replacement of the roof.

The importance of regular roof maintenance (every three or five years) is imperative regardless of the type of roofing system you own. A properly maintained roof can add 10 to 15 years of life to your roof.
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