Storm Damage  MN | Hail Damage Roof Repair MN

When hail damage occurs to shingles, there may be severe granule loss, the shingles may lose material at their edges, and penetration is also possible. If wind is involved, then the damage becomes much worse.

Minnesota Impact Resistant Shingles

Are any Minnesota shingles impact resistant? That is a good question because there is approximately $1 billion in damage done to roofs each year due to hail storms. From the years 1991 to 1995, hail damage resulted in nearly $8 billion in insurance payouts for each year.

Fortunately, there are new shingle designs that are able to resist both hail and wind. If you currently have old shingles on your roof, then you may already have hail damage. Some of the older asphalt shingles that are currently on roofs around Minnesota are not designed to handle the harsh environment of a hail storm. As a matter of fact, many of these older roofs have got wear and tear that makes them weaker than what they used to be.

New shingles

There are several manufacturers offering resistance to the effects of weather. Not only do they resist hail, but they can resist flying debris. These shingle products are known as Class 4 shingles. These are shingles that meet standards that are quite stringent. These standards are set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

The manufacturing methods that are used are meant to keep the granules attached and prevent the shingles from breaking during impact. And when high winds occur, the shingles stay attached to the sheathing.

When these shingles are tested, steel balls are used and the resulting damage is observed. The shingles that receive the Class 4 rating are those that are more resistant. The rest are classified accordingly. However, this does not state that Class 4 shingles are 100% hail resistant. If the hail is big enough and there are other factors at play, damage can still be done.

So despite the fact that no shingle is completely hail resistant, there is a Minnesota hail damage roofing contractor that can help. First of all, you call the roofing contractor after a hail storm and see if there has been any damage. If there is, then the damage can be repaired. The Minnesota hail damage roofing contractor will repair the damaged areas. If you are using a Class 4 rating shingle, you may not have to have a complete roof replacement unless the damage is extensive. It is not impossible, but the shingles are much harder to damage than those classes beneath it.

If you don’t have Class 4 shingles, then Minnesota roof replacement is an option and you can have Class 4 shingles placed upon your home if you wish. That way you can avoid extensive hail damage in the future.

Whether your home, townhouse, or commercial property has sustained roof hail damage in the recent Minnesota storms, contact a Minnesota roofing contractor for an assessment of your roofs condition.