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Enhance The Value And Beauty Of Your Home with the durability and distinctive designs of a Metal Roof and enjoy the increased market value of your property, and the low maintenance of your new roof.

Protect What You Love With A Metal Roof

Every single day the roof of a building receives the brunt of the elements. Every day it is subjected to one or more of the following: wind, rain, snow and a direct bombardment of UV rays. It stands to reason that the investment you make in your roof protects the entire investment of your home. A metal roof is the surest way to secure the investment you’ve made in your property because it outperforms any other roofing material.

Cool Metal Roofing – The Energy Efficient Choice

Metal outlasts other roofing material by decades, which is why longevity is a primary reason many Minnesota homeowners choose metal roofing. Beyond that, you can envision a future with even less hassle because metal roofing is more durable, requires less maintenance and therefore it leads to fewer “honey do” lists.

Savings on Energy Bills

Cool roofing owners have reported annual energy savings up to 40%. Metal roofing solar reflectance and thermal emittance capabilities can reduce air conditioning and heating costs, which reduce the smog and pollution that are created by the production of that energy. Some insurance companies offer discounts to customers for using a qualified metal roof.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing’s durability can virtually eliminate the need to use future raw materials to produce roofing. It is practically unaffected by weather cycles and forces.

Most metal roofs have recycled content ranging from 25% to 95%. Conventional roofing shingles have much shorter lives and use oil-based products as their primary raw material. Metal also has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable if it is ever removed in the future.

DID YOU KNOW that according to an independent study by a national laboratory, Metal Roofs are proven to be the MOST ENERGY-EFFICIENT ROOFS ON THE PLANET and will pay for themselves in energy cost savings alone, over the lifetime of the roof?

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Most metal roofing comes with a true 30 to 50 year manufacturer warranty, plus a workmanship warranty from the installer. Talk to your Minnesota Metal Roofing Contractor to learn more about the metal roofing warranties that are available. With a metal roof you will never have to worry about a new roof again!

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