Commercial Roof Management MN

As building owners know, operating costs can creep up on your budget. In the last four years, maintenance costs rose 21 percent. Last year costs rose 10 percent alone, a significant increase compared to the four percent average in years past. Not to mention the soaring increases in energy bills. This, along with other data, shows that the dangers facing building owners today are serious and costly.

Dangerous issues facing building owners today:

  • 10,000 sick building and toxic mold cases pending
  • 50% of a roofs life span decreases from poor roof maintenance
  • Mold is the new asbestos. Average mold remediation costs 11 million dollars
  • 90% of a buildings repair costs are result from roof problems

The challenges of today’s economy can have an effect on your commercial roof. That’s why we work as a partner to building owners and facility managers to identify their commercial roofing problems and develop service solutions to extend their roof’s lifespan and reduce the amount of spending needed for proper roof maintenance.

Sustain The Life Of Your Roof

Through the implementation of an aggressive Roof Program, the life of a roof can be significantly extended. A Roof Management Program will result in roofs that last 25-50% longer making your roof more sustainable and a better investment.

Addressing the small and seemingly minor problems now will help building owners and managers avoid costlier problems in the weeks and months to come. You can’t afford to have water coming in your building, extending delays in maintenance will significantly compound the costs and increase the likelihood of other related issues regarding safety, mold, and structural integrity.

Maintaining, Repairing, Replacing, or Restoring Commercial Roofing Systems

Even though building owners may not be in a financial position to replace their buildings’ roofs now, a preventative roof maintenance strategy can help them extend the life of their roofs through innovative roof management programs that help get their costs where they need to be.

One might think that weather is the largest contributor to roofing problems. But that takes a backseat to the biggest problem facing roofs — human error. Human errors account for 40% of all roofing problems, making it all the more important to find the right Roofing Contractor that has experience in commercial roof systems.