Poor Roof Ventilation Can Cause Shingle Damage

There is a great deal of moisture that accumulates in a home. This moisture, like heat, rises and works its way to the top of your home. Without adequate ventilation, this moisture would accumulate and cause the top of your home to deteriorate.

Ventilation allows this moisture to escape and helps bring balance to the moisture that accumulates on the roof as well. Ceiling fans, vents and ridge vents all make up the ventilation system that ensures a home, attic and roof have ample air to release moisture.

The roof ventilation systems consist of both intake and exhale vents. These vents balance the air between the roof and the attic.

Why Do Roofs Need Ventilation?

If your home doesn’t have proper ventilation, you will experience a number of problems. Moisture will accumulate and cause various parts of your roofing system to deteriorate. Excess moisture can cause shingles become warped or loose and possibly slip off. If the water damage extends to the underlayment, wood underneath the roof can warp or buckle. This can lead to structural damage and may extend into the trusses or rafters. If these structures become damaged, they may fail to support the roof.

It is extremely important that your roof has ventilation according to code specifications and that the ventilation system is working properly. The best way to ensure that your ventilation system is installed properly is to hire a Minnesota roofing contractor.