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EF-1 Tornado Confirmed in St Michael MN

St. Michael was the worst damage inflicted by a volatile storm system that swept across central and eastern Minnesota Tuesday night.

Some of the most significant reports of hail came from Eden Prairie, Edina and Minneapolis. Hail stones the size of tennis balls were reported in Edina, and hail at Target Field shut down the Twins game.

The storm also produced funnel clouds with 3 separate supercell thunderstorms. The most significant storm was over the northwest metro suburb of St. Michael which had a tornado touchdown. It has been officially confirmed by the National Weather Service. The storm cell in the southwest metro produced a funnel that was seen in Edina, Hopkins and St.Louis Park.

Tornado Touchdown Confirmed in St Michael MN

ST. MICHAEL, Minn. — The National Weather Service has confirmed the first tornado of the season in Minnesota.

An EF-1 tornado with speeds of near 90 mph touched down Tuesday evening in the St. Michael area, northwest of Minneapolis.

The weather service says the tornado was on the ground for about three miles just before 8 p.m.

Wright County authorities say the storm ripped the roof off of a garage, but no one was hurt.

May is the third most active month for tornadoes. June is the most active, followed by July. Last year, Minnesota experienced a record 104 tornadoes, the most in the U.S.

St Michael Hail Damage

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, a massive storm traveled through Minneapolis, St Paul and many of suburbs, reaching as far north as Hinckley, Minnesota.  The National Weather Service reported hail the size of baseballs and larger in many cities, including St Michael, Minnesota where a tornado was also confirmed.

It is often difficult to determine whether or not a shingle roof needs to be replaced after a hail storm because damage is not readily evident. There are a few ways to make this determination.

Look in your gutter or at the ground around your house. If you see a large amount of granules then reroofing would be a consideration. Granules are not just there for appearance purposes, they are there to protect the asphalt based roof product (the shingle). Asphalt and the sun don’t mix. The sun will beat it up pretty badly. It does not take much of a hail storm to dislodge a bunch of granules, thereby exposing the asphalt and shortening the service life of your roof.

The National Weather Service (NWS) uses the following descriptions when estimating hail sizes:

  • Pea size is ¼-inch
  • Quarter size is 1-inch
  • Marble size is ½-inch
  • Golf ball size is 1 ¾-inches
  • Dime size is ¾-inch
  • Baseball size is 2 ¾-inches

“Test Square” shows roof hail damage to 40 year laminated shingles. At the time of inspection, there must be direct physical evidence based upon established criteria in order for the hail damaged roof to be assessed properly.

Minnesota Hail and Storm Damage Repair

Storms like the one that recently hit St Michael, Minnesota can be very destructive to the exteriors of your home.  Some hail damage is apparent and can be spotted by most anyone. But very often there is destruction that cannot be detected without a professional. Damages such as corrosion, softening, cracking and leakage will all worsen over time if left untreated.  It’s for that reason that hiring a Minnesota hail damage contractor is crucial to the safety of your family

Don’t wait until it’s too late. You have two (2) years to file a claim for damage to your property. If your property is located in close proximity to the path of one of these storms you should have it inspected to ensure that you will not have a problem down the road.

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