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Ice Dams Causing Problems For Minnesota Property Owners

Record Snows Mean Record Ice Dams. With the record snow fall and constantly changing temperatures, Minnesota is seeing one of the toughest winters for ice dams in a long time.  Here is some information that should help you understand this common winter problem.

What Causes Ice Dams On Our MN Roofs?

As the freezing and thawing of the winter season progresses, there are preventative steps property owners can do to protect their investment from damage by ice dams

There is a complex interaction among the amount of heat loss from a house, snow cover, and outside temperatures that leads to ice dam formation. For Ice dams to form, there must be snow on the roof, and, at the same time, higher portions of the roof’s outside surface must be above 32°F while the lower surfaces are below 32°F. For a portion of the roof to be below 32°F, outside temperatures must also be below 32°F. When we say temperatures above or below 32°F, we are talking about average temperature over sustained periods of time.

Roof Snow and Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams are the result of snow and ice melting over a heated part of your home and re-freezing over an unheated area such as overhangs and gutters. As more snow melts and re-freezes on top of the existing ice, an ice dam can form, forcing additional melt water to backup under your shingles and into your home. Protect your roof and home with snow and ice dam removal services.

Avoid Ice Dams & Water Damage

  • Snow Removal – Using special shovels so not to damage your shingles or gutters, we will safely shovel snow from your roof to prevent ice dams and icicles from forming.
  • Ice Dam Removal – When it comes to ice, steam is the only safe way to remove it from your roof. We will safely remove all ice and any ice dams with our low-pressure steamers.
  • Ice Dam Prevention – The best way to prevent ice dams from forming is proper attic insulation. We install all types of home insulation and will happily provide you with a free insulation and air sealing inspection.

Experienced Minnesota Ice Dam Company

Let a Minnesota roofing contractor safely eliminate snow and ice from your roof using proper techniques to help prevent leaks caused by snow build up and ice dams using special shovels for snow and steam to melt away ice to insure no damage is done to your roof.

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