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Minnesota Roofing Contractor Talks About Roof Flashing

Roof Flashing | Roof Flashing Repair For many people, a roof is something they depend on, but don’t think about. Until, of course, it leaks. If you are dealing with a roof leak, you will most likely hear a contractor talk about flashing.  Roof flashing is usually made from galvanized metal or aluminum and is placed wherever parts of a pitched roof intersect or penetrate. Its purpose is to direct water to run-off down the slope of the roof. Learn More About Roof Flashing Flashing is extra protection for the most vulnerable places on a roof such as where the chimney joins, at the edges of skylights, where dormers meet a roof plane, or any similar seam or joint in a roof design. Flashing is designed to work together with other roofing materials to keep your roof from leaking. Flashing is generally nailed down, but if the flashing is corroded, bent, or missing, it will not work effectively and water can get inside a home and cause serious damage. Why Do You Need Roof Flashing? Roof flashing is a critical part of preventing leaks and water seepage in your roof.  Many contractors view it as the “last line of defense” against water penetration.  Flashing can be made of either galvanized metal or aluminum. Most homeowners choose aluminum because it is easier to bend into the right shape and will not rust.  The principle of using flashing is simple.  Any place on your roof where different surfaces meet – such as dormers, the roof peak, edges, vents, skylights, etc. – requires flashing and proper sealing to prevent leaks from developing...