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Roof Requirements For Minneapolis MN

City Of Minneapolis Minnesota Roof Requirements The information here is intended for use as a reference when performing roofing work using asphalt-based organic or fiberglass shingles on one-family and two-family residential structures with sloped roofs. In addition to the information, refer to the shingle manufacturer’s instructions. The code requirements for roofing of one-family and two-family dwellings can be found in the 2006 International Residential Code (IRC) Chapter 9. There are also roofing requirements in the 2006 International Building Code Chapter 15. Both documents are part of the Minnesota Building Code. This article summarizes the requirements of the IRC and is not intended as a complete list of all code requirements. City of Minneapolis Policies Flashing Existing metal flashing may be re-used if it is in good condition. Roof Decking Asphalt-based organic and fiberglass shingle roofing materials must be installed on solid roof decking. When old roofing materials are removed, the original roof boards may have spaces between them. Spaced roof boards can create a fastening problem for asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Any roof boards with spaces greater than ½” must be corrected. The following are approved methods for correcting spacing: • Install strips of at least 1 X 4 nominal boards in the spaces. • Re-deck the roof with a minimum 11/32” thick panel sheathing product. No edge of the sheathing can be left exposed to the weather. Cover edges with metal or wood trim. • Small areas may be corrected by moving boards around to reduce spaces to less than ½” and then add a minimum of 1 X 4 boards to fill the spaces. Note: Shingle manufacturers...