TPO Commercial Roofing System MinnesotaWhile many roofing contractors offer only a few single ply roofing options to their customers, at United Roofing we offer a wide variety of options. While serving the Minneapolis and St Paul, MN areas over the last 20 years, we have grown to understand the importance of options when it comes to large investments like a new commercial roof. That is why we offer the Johns Manville TPO roofing system, one of the newest single ply flat roofing systems on the market!

TPO Single Ply Roofing System

What is this new TPO single ply roofing system? In layman’s terms, this is a flat roofing system that uses polyester fabric and ultraviolet-resistant thermoplastic polyolefin formulation to create a long lasting, affordable and environmentally friendly commercial roof. The use of plastic and rubber gives the roof an extra thickness that other single ply roofing systems simply cannot match.

United Roofing Commitment

As a commercial roofing company, we aim to protect the local businesses in Minneapolis and St Paul, MN with long lasting, affordable and environmentally friendly commercial roofs. By choosing us as a contractor, you will work with a team that is honest, reasonable and on time. As an installer, it is important that we give our customers the peace of mind that they will be protected and that all of the work will be performed professionally. To go the extra mile, we are a GAF Master commercial roofing contractor, which only 2% of other roofing contractors can say the same. We love Johns Manville roofing products, which is what makes us so excited about the new Johns Manville TPO roofing system.

Commercial Roofing Warranty Protection

Any time that you make a large financial investment, purchasing a warranty should be a top priority. A warranty is just that extra protection on your roofing system that will help give you peace of mind. At United Roofing, we offer 4 commercial roofing warranty options for you to choose from. These warranties include:

  • Standard Ltd. Product Warranty – 12 year warranty.
  • Good Weather Stopper Integrated Roofing System Guarantee – 20 year warranty.
  • Better System Pledge Guarantee – 20-25 year warranty.
  • Best Diamond Pledge Guarantee – 20-25 year warranty.

So, if your Minneapolis or St Paul, MN business is in the market for a new commercial roof, the Johns Manville TPO roofing system is a great option! Team up with our expert commercial roofing staff at United Roofing by calling (612) 617-1717 or email We’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate.