Commercial Roofing Contractor Minnesota

PVC Roofing SystemAre you a commercial property owner that has been putting off a roofing replacement project as long as possible? Living in Minnesota, it is very important that your commercial roof is fully functioning. With the amount of snow and ice during the winter, and storms in the summer, can your existing roof hold up against mother nature? The first place to start is to find a reliable and experienced commercial roofing contractor. While there are plenty of contractors to choose from, there is only one right choice. Team up with our crew at United Roofing and take advantage of our high quality roofing systems and elite level customer service. Read Full Post

EPDM Roofing Contractor in Minnesota

EPDM Roofing MNIf you’ve lived in Minnesota any decent amount of time, it’s likely that you too have a complete understanding of why Minnesota homes need to be built tough. Homes are safe havens from the hot, humid summers that we have, accompanied with strong thunderstorms and hailing winds. Our homes are also our sanctuaries when the leaves fall and winter weather comes blowing in. Ice dams gather on top of homes and snow piles up on rooftops for what seems to last almost half of a year every single winter season. Read Full Post