Hail Damage Roof Repairs for Ham Lake Condos

Hail Lake Hail Damage InspectionWith the recent Ham Lake severe storms, the area has seen quite a bit of hail damage. While much of the focus has been on residential homes, Ham Lake condos, apartments and townhomes are still just as susceptible to hail damage as residential homes. In fact, hail damage repairs for these multifamily communities can in fact be more complicated than your standard roofing repairs. Due to the large amount of hail damage we’ve seen over the past few weeks, the roofing professionals at United Roofing & Remodeling are suggesting that every condo, townhouse and apartment community contact a reputable roofing contractor to assess your property for hail damage.

Complications of Condo and Apartment Roof Repairs

Identifying and properly documenting hail damage repairs is hard enough for standard residential homes. Add the intricacies of condos, townhomes or apartments and the process becomes much more complicated and time consuming. Read Full Post