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Plymouth Roofing ContractorA roof is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the interior of any home or commercial building. By maintaining your roof over the years, you are choosing to protect your belongings. By being proactive in roof repairs and replacement, you will be able to avoid or minimize any potential damage. United Roofing & Remodeling is a reputable and trustworthy company that can handle any roofing needs you may have in Plymouth or other surrounding areas. Read Full Post

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Roofing Contractors Minneapolis & St Paul MN All roofing systems are made of a number of different components: roof sheathing, underlayment, roofing material, roof intersections, flashing details and ventilation. Each of these systems must be installed correctly for the system to work as designed. Roof underlayment acts as water barrier installed underneath the roofing system. Essentially, it is a roof underneath the roof. It protects your roof from condensation that may form underneath the metal due to the differences in temperatures in the attic and outside. More Information On Felt Roofing Underlayment One of the most common mistakes being made today in the installation of asphalt shingles on new or re-roofing work is the practice of not using felt underlayment.  Many thousands of new homes do not have felt beneath the shingles.  This is a HUGE mistake! Remember, shingles rely on gravity to keep water from entering your house.  It is very possible for wind driven rain to get underneath your shingles or to enter along valleys (especially when the valley shingles have been improperly trimmed!)  Without felt Underlayment, you have no hope of stopping a leak.  With felt, there is a possibility that the water will travel down the felt and not enter your house. Many asphalt shingles that are installed on residential roofs carry a Class A fire rating.  This rating is given to the shingles by independent laboratories.  The ratings are granted only when the shingles are installed as they were tested in laboratory conditions.  The shingles are tested with felt in place under the shingles.  As such, if felt is deleted on your job, the shingles...

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Residential Roofing Services MN – Roof Underlayment The correct roofing underlayment, also known as roofing felt is critical to any roofing job. You must use it!  Roof underlayment acts as water barrier installed underneath the roofing system. It protects your roof from condensation that may form underneath the metal due to the differences in temperatures in the attic and outside. What Function Does Shingle Underlayment Serve? Underlayments extend the life of a roof by protecting it against leaks. An underlayment, commonly known as roofing felt, will: Protect the roof deck from moisture prior to shingle application Provide a degree of backup protection in the event water gets under roofing shingles. Extend The Life of Your Roof With Roofing Underlayment Some local building codes and UL standards require that a shingle underlayment be installed.  Ask your Minnesota roofing contractor if this is the case in your area.  Also, some manufacturers offer a special underlayment product which prevents leaks caused by water backup from ice dams—a common condition in our Minnesota winters. Protection against ice dams can be obtained by using a waterproofing shingle underlayment at the eaves or lower edges of the roof, in addition to installing adequate ventilation and proper insulation in the attic floor. (See Prevent Roof Damage From Roof Snow and Ice Dams) Ask your roofing contractor about these specialized underlayments. Underlayment & Ice and Water Protection The entire state of Minnesota requires special eave protection that consist of at least two layers of Underlayment cemented together of a self-adhering polymer modified bitumen sheet, shall be used in lieu of normal Underlayment and extend from the eave’s edge...

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Re-roofing – Tear off and Roof Recovery MN Re-roofing – Tear off and Recovers There are two options available for re-roofing installations.  One would be to tear off the old roof before applying the new one (tear off).  The second would be to lay new shingles over the existing roof (lay over).  While the second choice is the less expensive of the two options, it is not necessarily always the best choice. Is It Always Necessary To Tear Off Existing Shingles Before Reroofing? There are advantages to tearing off the old roof before installing a new one.  For example: If there are any defects in the roof deck, they will be revealed when the roof is torn off. These defects should be repaired before applying the new roof. If condensation problems exist in the attic, they too will be revealed when the roof is torn off. Properly designed attic ventilation can then be installed in order to help eliminate such problems. When the old roof is torn off, waterproofing shingle underlayment can be installed before applying the new roof.  This will help protect against leaks created by cyclical ice damage and wind-driven rain. Tearing off the old roof and starting with a clean deck before reroofing may result in a smoother finished roof system. Although there is added cost to these advantages, each lessens the likelihood that the validity of the manufacturer’s shingle warranty will be impaired.  If the old roof is torn off, your contractor should be responsible for the cleanup and disposal of the old shingles, but make sure your contract states this clearly. If you do plan...