Commercial Roofing Contractor MN

Flat Roofing Contractor MNThe commercial businesses in Minneapolis and St Paul, MN are booming. If you own commercial property in the area, it’s important that you keep it well maintained. One of the most important parts of maintaining your property is ensuring that your commercial roof is in good condition. At United Roofing & Remodeling, we are an insurance approved roofing and siding company that can ensure that your roof is in great condition! As a roof installer and roofing contractor in Minneapolis, MN, we pride ourselves in providing quality services at quality prices for all of our commercial clients in the area. Read Full Post

Metal Roofing Contractor Minnesota

Commercial Roofing MinnesotaLooking for a Minnesota commercial roofing contractor in your area? At United Roofing, we are your premier spot for commercial roofing experts! With over 20 years of experience in the state of Minnesota, we can handle all of your commercial roofing needs. We can perform all types of projects from commercial metal roofing, to unique projects that you’ve created in a dream. If you are ready to put a roof over your head, United Roofing is the only place to call! Read Full Post

Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

Quality Commercial Metal Roofing SystemAs fall and winter approach, it is a great time of year to think about whether your roof is ready for the snow, ice and cold temperatures of the Minnesota winter. If your roof is aging and you are considering repair or replacing it before the harsh winter is here, you may be wondering what the best options are for strong, durable long lasting roofing materials. Read Full Post

Metal Roofing Contractor Minneapolis

Quality Commercial Metal Roofing System Have you found a commercial property in Minneapolis that needs a little bit of work, but is too big of a steal to pass up? Hesitant to invest in this property because it needs a new roof? Instead of shying away from a commercial property in this condition, consider taking the leap and purchasing this property. Although a roof is a large investment, it is also a huge selling point should you ever decide to flip the property or sell it down the road. Additionally, living in Minneapolis, you have commercial roofing experts from United Roofing & Remodeling Inc., right in your backyard that specialize in metal roofing. Read Full Post