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Residential Hail Damage Roof Repair Falcon Heights MN

Residential Hail Damage Roof Repair Falcon Heights MNIn Falcon Heights, MN, we’ve recently had severe storms that featured some heavy rain, hail and wind.  If your home’s roof was damaged in a recent storm, it’s important to get it checked out quickly by a reputable roofing contractor to ensure more damage doesn’t occur.  At United Roofing and Remodeling, we’re well versed in all types of roof repair and replacement and stand ready, thanks to our 24/7 emergency service to handle any of your roofing needs. Read Full Post

Commercial Flat Roof Hail Damage Repairs North Branch, MN

Commercial Roofing Hail Damage North Branch, MNHail is an unexpected and destructive force. One minute the skies are nice and sunny on a warm, June day, and the next minute the clouds roll in, the sky turns dark, and instead of rain, the clouds unleash a flurry of ice on unsuspecting people. If your business or commercial property sustained damage from the recent hail storm that pummeled North Branch, MN, on June 29, 2015, call the professional contractors at United Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. to repair your commercial flat roof and get your business and/or commercial property back in working order again. Read more

Minnesota Roofing Contractor | The Impact Resistant Roof

Emerging Research and Impact-Resistant Roofing Minnesotans are no stranger to severe weather. Whether it’s snow, hail, rain, or wind, our roofs take a beating. After a brutal winter, we are now entering the rain and storm season, which means hail and tornadoes. Hail is a peril that threatens all but a handful of states in the United States, but it doesn’t strike all areas equally. Since 1980, the country has averaged 3,000 hailstorms a year.  Officials estimate that up to 40 percent of all homeowners insurance claims result from hail damage. While the Midwest and Great Plains states have the most hailstorms, Colorado has the most storms with large-size hail (diameter greater than 1.5 inches). So even though Colorado has fewer storms, the storms that occur cause more damage. Impact Resistant Roofing Lost in these large numbers is the number of repeat claims — resulting in payments to the same customers for the same type of repairs from the same type of hailstorms. There are some areas of the nation’s hail belt where homes have been reshingled two and three times during a 10-year period. While a hailstorm usually strikes a relatively limited geographical area, there are parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska where hailstorms average six strikes a year or more. Clearly, the same houses are exposed to these storms. They are likely to receive damage. As a result, home insurance coverage in these regions has become expensive. As premiums rise, both insurers and their policyholders become concerned. To help combat rising premiums, insurance companies look for ways to prevent future damage. They also look for ways...

Roof Hail Damage Edina MN May 10, 2011

Roof Repairs Underway After Golf Ball Size Hail Causes Roof Damage Edina MN Hail Damage Edina MN 5/10/11 It was hard to look at Target Field on Tuesday night and not wonder if the ballpark’s tractors could be equipped with those golf ball picker-upper things. Indeed, the entire outfield looked like a driving range on a busy weekend afternoon when a hail storm moved into the Twin Cities and caused a 64-minute delay during the Minnesota Twins game. The wild weather, of course, had everyone scrambling for cover. And once there, they marveled at the huge chunks of ice that were dropping out of the skies and onto the field. Watch a videos of golf ball size hail that had people scrambling. For Edina MN Homeowners, it means they will be assessing their roofs for hail damage. Hailstorms are a product of severe thunderstorms. Hail is formed when strong updrafts within the storm carry water droplets above the freezing level, where they remain suspended and continue to grow larger, until their weight can no longer be supported by the winds. Hailstones can vary in size, depending on the strength of the updraft. On average, northeastern Minnesota is subject to a hailstorm only once a year. Your Roof & Hail or Storm Damage What does the UL fire resistance rating for a shingle mean? The Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) ratings signify that the shingles were manufactured to pass a certain set of standards to qualify as fire resistant.  Organic shingles carry a UL Class C fire resistance rating.  Fiber glass shingles carry a UL Class A fire resistance rating.  Either...

St. Michael Residents Assess Damage after Storm

Residents Assess Damage after Storm in St. Michael MN Minnesota Roof Hail Damage 2011 St. Michael, Minnesota was hit hard with a tornado that ripped roofs off garages of a home. The worst damage inflicted by a volatile storm system that swept across central and eastern Minnesota on Tuesday May 10th late that evening. Short time later deputies were called to a house on the 9500 block of 42nd Street NE that had a garage roof blown off. A handful of nearby homes had suffered minor roof and siding damage.  Temperatures in the 90”s and high levels of moisture fueled the storm system, which dropped hail across a wide swath of the state’s midsection. Some of the hail was golf ball sized or better, causing damage to roofs. Assessing Damage after Hail So What is Hail Damage and How Do I Identify It? First and foremost you cannot properly identify hail damage from the ground. You must physically inspect the roof to determine if it’s been damaged. What we’re looking for are areas that are bruises. The bruise will have exposed the underlying asphalt and removed the granules from the surface. A very important factor in identifying hail damage is to rule out other factors that may appear to be damaged but are not. This includes damage cause by those who installed the roof, foot traffic damaged caused by anyone who may have been on your roof, and possible material defects. Along with Spring Weather……..Comes Hail, Rain and Heavy Wind! Along with the summer weather come hail, wind, rain, thunder and lightning. It becomes necessary to get the roof repaired...