Commercial Flat Roofing Contractor Edina

Minnesota Commerical and Industrial Roofing ContractorOne key factor with a flat roof is proper maintenance and installation. Commercial buildings with flat roofing should be inspected frequently to verify the integrity and to quickly resolve any issues that may arise. United Roofing & Remodeling is ready to assist those in Edina and surrounding areas with any commercial flat roofing needs you may have including repair, maintenance, and installation. Read Full Post

EPDM Roofing Contractor in Minnesota

EPDM Roofing MNIf you’ve lived in Minnesota any decent amount of time, it’s likely that you too have a complete understanding of why Minnesota homes need to be built tough. Homes are safe havens from the hot, humid summers that we have, accompanied with strong thunderstorms and hailing winds. Our homes are also our sanctuaries when the leaves fall and winter weather comes blowing in. Ice dams gather on top of homes and snow piles up on rooftops for what seems to last almost half of a year every single winter season. Read Full Post

Metal Roofing Contractor Minnesota

Commercial Roofing MinnesotaLooking for a Minnesota commercial roofing contractor in your area? At United Roofing, we are your premier spot for commercial roofing experts! With over 20 years of experience in the state of Minnesota, we can handle all of your commercial roofing needs. We can perform all types of projects from commercial metal roofing, to unique projects that you’ve created in a dream. If you are ready to put a roof over your head, United Roofing is the only place to call! Read Full Post

Licensed Commercial Roofing Company St. Louis Park

Replacing Commercial Flat RoofCommercial buildings often times opt for flat roofs as opposed to pitched roofs which are mainly associated with residential homes. There are many benefits to having a flat roof. One benefit is that they are easier to inspect, which happens often in commercial buildings. In addition, they are economical in that they are cost efficient because they require less materials and incur less labor costs. Read Full Post

Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

Quality Commercial Metal Roofing SystemAs fall and winter approach, it is a great time of year to think about whether your roof is ready for the snow, ice and cold temperatures of the Minnesota winter. If your roof is aging and you are considering repair or replacing it before the harsh winter is here, you may be wondering what the best options are for strong, durable long lasting roofing materials. Read Full Post